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Scott Birch is a multimedia and e-learning expert and Principal at Pixelbeaker, an e-learning consulting firm based in Chattanooga, TN. Mr. Birch has over 25 years of experience developing and delivering high-impact multimedia educational presentations in a variety of media formats, and has spent the last 10 years specializing in veterinary medical education for veterinary students and professionals. He got his first introduction to veterinary medicine at Cornell University’s Partners in Animal Health; creating a variety of multimedia educational products for pet owners, developing learning resources for the USDA to reduce zoonotic disease transmission, pioneering a multi-college initiative to share educational resources, as well as producing an interactive multimedia regional anesthesia course which featured the first examples of interactive 3D veterinary anatomy for teaching clinical skills.


In 2016, Birch started the consulting firm, Pixelbeaker, and continued to specialize in 3D applications in veterinary and human medicine. Birch consulted 3DOps in developing a network of 3D printing centers for human patients, worked with Chattanooga start-up, Collider, to develop a novel printing technique for anatomy, partnered with The Game Research and Immersive Design Lab at Ohio University to build veterinary VR experiences, and won a 2017 Wellcome Images Award, an international scientific imaging competition with Dr. Scott Echols. Birch continues to work with Dr. Echols to build a variety of unique 3D models (such as African Grey Parrot, a Ball Python, a baby alligator, and a Mojave Rattlesnake), from some of the highest resolution DICOM datasets ever created in veterinary medicine. Birch will be presenting this groundbreaking work at a number of appearances at prestigious conferences throughout the world.

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