Creating Art from Science

Science means segmentation. Translating visual information from one form into another with the primary purpose of gaining new understanding and insight. Anatomy is complex, from the largest bone all the way down to the barely visible vascular structures. This complexity creates demand for better medical image acquisition technology, such as cone beam scanning, and better applications of the DICOM data, to help us see the puzzle and maximize the possibilities for solving it, no matter what species of living being.


Transforming two-dimensional medical data sets acquired through CT or MRI imaging into fully volumetric 3D reconstructions has changed the way people interpret the information contained within. This means more accurate diagnoses and measurements. Better understanding of body structures and their relation to physiology. New discoveries of never-before-seen vasculatures of living beings. It is a revolution of visualization.


Pixelbeaker is making it happen.

This interactive 3D model illustrates the canine venous and arterial blood volume of the heart, with skeletal structures providing reference anatomy.


The model is hosted on and is an example of educational modules created for veterinary students and science/biology instructors.

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